Our Staff

  • Jennifer D.
    Veterinary Nurse

    Beginning her veterinary career in 1996, Jennifer first began working in Roswell, GA.  Working her way up via kennel and assistant positions to full-time technician throughout the years, Jennifer's veterinary career is diverse with work ranging from private practice and small referral hospital to shelter medicine and university level specialties.  Having grown up in Largo, FL, it was only a matter of time before she returned to the state.  

    Being the nerdy kid that loved all things outdoors, Jennifer sought out a college program that matched her interests.  Earning a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from Rollins College (Winter Park, FL) with a minor in English in 2001 opened doors via the opportunity to experience a semester abroad in Namibia, Africa with Round River Conservation Studies.  Diving headfirst into wildlife conservation working with The Cheetah Conservation Fund, she instantly fell in love with field efforts and hands-on travels. 

    Spending the last 11 years in Gainesville, Jennifer has worked for Alachua County Animal Services, The Institute of Veterinary Specialists, and The University of Florida within the specialties of both Oncology and Veterinary Community Outreach, and even got a chance to deploy with The Humane Society of the United States.  She relocated to the Bradenton area in 2015 for a quieter pace of life near the beach!

  • Autumn S.
    Veterinary Nurse

    Autumn has been part of the BVE team since November 2017.  She is a very compassionate nurse and loves patient care.  She lives with her husband and children. 

  • Stephanie W.
    Veterinary Nurse

    Stephanie has been part of the BVE team since November 2017!  She loves how she never knows what types of cases and patients she will be treating each shift which keeps it exciting.  She also loves that we get to see patients at their worst and then their drastic improvement.  It also helps that her boss and coworkers are pretty awesome too.

    Stephanie loves spending time with her husband, James, and the dogs.  She is involved with Southeastern Guide Dogs puppy raising and loves to try new restaurants.  She currently lives with her husband, James, two Golden Retrievers (Cooper and Benjamin the guide dog puppy in training), 3 (Liam, Oliver, and Kit-n).  She also has a farm with a miniature Zebu cow (named Wellington), 3 goats (a boer mix named Diablo, two Nigerian dwarfs named Vincent van Goat and Ramsay), and a Palomino Paint horse named Cash.

    Stephanie started in veterinary medicine at the age of 18 where she cross trained in reception as well.  From there she went to Southeastern Guide dogs where she worked in the puppy kennel and took care of neonates as well as the pregnant mothers.

    Stephanie loves visiting Savannah, Ga and would love to make that an annual trip!  European travel is a life goal as well.

  • Katie S.
    Certified Veterinary Nurse

    Katie is a certified veterinary technician (CVT) and works primarily at a day practice in Dunedin, but moonlights with us in the ER world a couple of times a month.  She enjoys fostering kittens and spending time with family and friends.

  • Jazlyn O.
    Veterinary Nurse

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  • Tiffany W.

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  • Christy B.

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  • Christine B.

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  • Betty C.

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  • Joy B.

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  • Chelsea N.

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  • Joey L.

    Originally from Tampa, Florida Joey began working as a veterinary assistant in 1990.  He started at a small animal practice and cat care clinic which later developed into a technician position in 1995. He moved to Asheville, NC in 1999 and found a unique teaching position with the Humane Alliance of WNC, a gold standard spay/neuter program, working as a veterinary technician and program mentor helping to train staff from all over the country for spay/neuter programs and providing ongoing mentorships for more than 100 animal welfare and humane groups. During this time he also worked a relief position with the local emergency hospital in Asheville. Joey enjoys emergency medicine for many reasons but the most evident being the variety of cases seen within this particular arena, he is extremely proud to be part of a team of people that deliver both comprehensive and compassionate care to both pets and their caretakers. Joey lives with his chihuahua “Mr. Peepers.'  His hobbies include kayaking, hiking, swimming, reading, music and junk food.

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